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🎧 I am a composer, producer and editor of my music. Piano, percussion, n'goni, balafon and kora, I offer a wide variety of styles, from African music to waltz, through piano ballads and I am equipped to make professional quality recordings.

Instrumental, my compositions are intended to be used as support to the image.

You have on this website a sample of my productions, you can download them for listening. In order to take note of them without restrictions, they are placed under a Creative Commons license, which authorizes their copy in a strict family framework. All the musics of this site are intended for a commercial exploitation. The "nc" clause of the license only serves to protect them from misuse. The Creative Commons licenses are not exclusive, a commercial exploitation can be done under another under another mode, necessarily with the agreement of the author.

In the case of a transaction, high quality music files are available.

As a performer, I am a beneficiary of the neighboring rights in the case of a commercial diffusion.

All music and scores are protected, but they are not registered with a rights management organization.

🎧 Bob Gnupa

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Original music

Bob Gnupa

Africain style to download

Goni   Bala   Kora


Bob Gnupa ©

Goni is a sustained and haunting rhythm; it is interpreted with the n'goni, a rustic African instrument built by the author. We are in the traditional African atmosphere. The video shows a n'goni in all its forms.

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The n'goni consists of a gourd and a wooden handle. Six or eight nylon fishing lines are used as ropes. On this acoustic rhythm, electronic instruments complete the arrangement. The rain stick, at the beginning of the piece, announces good news. You can download music, under Creative Commons licence

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Bob Gnupa ©

For his music, the main rhythm is played acoustically on the balafon, another emblematic African musical instrument. On this repetitive rhythm, both percussive and melodic, the balafon is accompanied by guimics and melodies on the synthesizer and the rain stick.

Balafon seen from the side
Three balafons ➔
Balafon top view The calabashes of a balafon

All over Africa, the balafon sings and gives rhythm to popular festivals. Depending on the country and the ethnic group, there are all kinds of bills, but the principle always remains the same, hardwood blades fixed above small gourds that transmit the sound. Various construction tricks give the instrument its characteristic sound. You can download music, under Creative Commons licence

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Bob Gnupa ©

Kora, a totally improvised piece, is built around a basic rhythmic pattern, played mainly on the bass of the left hand. While only four fingers are needed to play the kora, the soloist must constantly juggle between the accompaniment and the melodic parts. On this track, the rhythmic is played by a shekere.

Calebasse et poignées
Éléments d'une kora ➔
Manche, cordes et calebasse Calebasse et fils Calebasse prête

The kora is a plucked string instrument. It looks a bit like the n'goni, but it is very different, both in its sounds and in its construction. Classified as an African harp, the kora delivers deep sounds. Once again, a calabash is used as a sounding board, to produce sounds that are not found anywhere else. You can download the music, under Creative Commons license licence-Creative Commons

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Piano ballad to download

Sève montante

Bob Gnupa ©

Sève montante is a ballad for piano solo. This instrumental music is self-sufficient in itself, without any additional arrangements. The simplicity of the left hand, repetitive, leaves the right hand free to blossom. Here, the music is accompanied by a video.

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From the steppes of Africa, we went to the European wood. Fighting against gravity, the sap rises along the branches and accompanies the progression of the trees in their race towards the sky, always higher. It is in this state of mind that this piece must be played, to make the sap of improvisation rise. You can download the music and the score, under Creative Commons licence

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Piano pat

Bob Gnupa ©

Piano pat is like Sève montante, no complex arrangements, a simple piano and that's it. For this track, a light cello line was added.

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Valses to download

Three-Time Four

Bob Gnupa ©

3/4is often the measure of the waltz. Viennese waltz, slow waltz, musette waltz, jazz waltz, for salons or ballets, this rhythm has crossed time with ease. Popular dance as well as society dance, its origin would go back to the fourteenth century. This dance is part of Western culture and has accompanied its evolution from before the French Revolution to the present day.

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Subversive in her time and always deeply rooted in popular culture, she resists, against all odds, all cultural fashions that try to make her look old-fashioned. Trois temps quatre is a lively waltz that can also be sung or played pleasantly on the accordion. The image, ball of the 18th century, is in the public domain. You can download the music and the score, under Creative Commons licence

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Valse d'automne

Bob Gnupa ©

Melodious waltz. One of the originalities of this piece is its harmonic construction. There is no chorus, the piece is cut in half in the middle, with a change of tone one tone below, which is very unusual in this kind of music.

Autumn in the trees

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While the piece seems doomed to remain in its passing tonality, the return to the beginning surprises the ear by the way it is operated, but everything goes smoothly. This music deserves to be performed by a symphonic formation. You can download the music and the score, under Creative Commons licence

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Pop, Funk to download

Show me

Bob Gnupa ©

Sow me is the first title of a series that differs from the other compositions on this page. This excursion into this style helps confirm the diversity of my work. Scores will also be offered soon.

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